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14 surprising ways a Mastermind can boost your business

Working closely with executive and entrepreneur clients, I’ve pretty much seen it all.  From supporting them through hostile client negotiations to underperforming staff members, from implementing misunderstood strategies to losing giant contracts… and more.  These challenges take a heavy psychological toll because the further up the ladder you go, the smaller the number of people who can guide and support you.  As the old saying goes: “it’s lonely at the top”. 

But what if it doesn’t have to be? 

What if I told you that there was a way to work through any challenge you ever faced, and resolve it in less time, with less effort, for less cost…. And as a result, you can experience bigger wins that feel really good?

Welcome to the world of Masterminds

Mastermind is when peers with a common interest and similar goals come together to lift each other up for mutual support, exchange of ideas and to innovate together.  


  • Creates the opportunity to collect new ideas, techniques, perspectives and energy from those who’ve already overcome it and lived to tell the tale
  • Offers learning from someone else’s experience so that you can avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes
  • Provides accountability so that you stay on track with your goals, results and success
  • Establishes a close and connected network of peers who celebrate your wins, encourage you to reach further and empower you to make it happen.

When considering if a Mastermind is the right investment for you, consider the following 14 surprising benefits a Mastermind will provide to your success:

1. Exclusive community

Mastermind is usually a private community that requires a commitment of time and money, and often grows by invitation only.  In other words, it’s curated to guarantee compatibility and success between its members.  The result is a very tight group of people who work, support and grow together so that you no longer feel the loneliness of being at the top.

2. Shared endeavour

Masterminds are theme-based to make sure that everything discussed is valuable to every member’s growth and experience.  In recent years, masterminds have been popping up to bring groups of people with common goals together in all sorts of areas from parenting to business start-ups.   To get the most out of a Mastermind, it’s important to be clear on the area in your life that you feel needs the most support and find a Mastermind that focuses on that specific topic.

3. The power of many

A coach will dive deep into your blindspots to understand the personal patterns that limit your success.  A mentor will guide you from personal experience into a set path to reach your success based on his/her experience.  A Mastermind, however, uses the power of the collective to harness the total experience in the room. It values and respects your personal mission, and adds on the creativity, experience and support of the many who’ve shared in your struggle, to overcome and succeed. 

4. Honest feedback

Since growth and trusted support are the main purposes of a mastermind, you can expect that participants will provide honest feedback that supports your learning and growth.  Additionally, you’ll get the feedback from a place of respect, sharing, and genuine interest in watching you succeed, which is often all it takes for us to have the confidence tor ask for the help we need.

5. Accelerated growth

How committed would you be to achieving, if you gave someone your word?  The accountability of showing up and relaying to your peers a full account of your follow-thru means that you are held up to a higher standard to stand and deliver.  The group works together for the success of each individual involved.  No one wants to show up as the one that gets left behind.

Passion Led Us Here

6. Energy Boost

The energy you are in will dictate your success more than the actions you take.  How is your energy affecting you? One of the biggest struggles my clients constantly face is buy-in from their staff, their executive team, their family and friends.  For the CEO or the Entrepreneur who leads the ship, a low-energy environment could result in a slow down in development, growth and innovation.  When this happens, the CEO or Entrepreneur’s energy is more heavily spent on motivating themselves to stay positive, so that they can keep motivating the team.  So what happens when you share your idea and get encouragement to follow your vision? You automatically get infused with bucket-loads of energy to keep you energised, active and committed to your vision of success.  Added bonus #1: the energy you bring is infectious to those around you and as a result, you are less likely to notice (and give in) to resistance.  Added bonus #2: The more often you live in high-energy, the more self-confidence becomes a natural part of who you are. 

7. Resources

If you think back on every excuse you’ve ever made, it will almost always come down to your perception of the resources at your disposal (not enough time, not enough money, not enough help, not enough clients).  Resources are rarely the problem.  Resourcefulness is.  Belonging to a Mastermind means that your access to resources instantly boosts by the number of people in the group… and the resourcefulness becomes infinitely stronger when you harness the problem-solving creativity many heads over just your one. 

8. Network

Speaking of resources… what about the people in your network?  Who do you know can help you connect to your next client?  Who can provide you with the marketing service to boost your online presence?  Who’s got unbeatable prices to stock your office?  There’s a maximum of 8 degrees of separation between you and every other human being on the planet.   Your access to that key person you’ve been wanting to meet improves with each Mastermind group member.  You’ll never know who you might meet.  All you need to do is ask. 

9. Confidence in yourself (and your decision-making ability)

Have you ever struggled with evaluating options and making a decision? It’s estimated that we take an average of 35,000 decisions a day. Many of those happen subconsciously, making them much harder to deal with until someone brings them to our attention.  How many are driven by conditioning? fear? lack of clarity? lack of preparation? overwhelm? anxiety?  Presenting your options in a group allows for a supportive game of devil’s advocate.  It’s a great way to consider all possibilities (even those you hadn’t considered) and better understand what’s going on beneath the surface when you make decisions.  Over time, you improve your ability to analyse and evaluate options, are clearer on what matters to you, and feel more confident in knowing that you are skilled at making success-focused decisions that work.

10. Follow your own path

Let’s face it.  We live in constant consumption of information filled with instructions, how-tos and step-by-step actions that may or may not actually work. How many times have you taken an action that made perfect sense, but then regretted it after it didn’t work out, knowing that “something in your gut” didn’t feel right?  Every decision we ever take is fundamentally based on an internal emotion – and our logic serves to support it.  Following our path is about knowing that we can trust our gut.  This requires experience, self-awareness and a reminder to surrender to what we know to be right (even when logic is telling you otherwise). The support provided in Masterminds helps you to connect to your inner knowing and allows you to start practising trust in your success.  Added bonus #1: Resilience builds through trusting your path.  Added bonus #2: With trust and surrender, there is less pressure and stress to control people and things around you.  Added bonus #3: The thought leaders and gurus in any field became so by trusting their gut and showing us innovative approaches that we now accept as obvious.  Leaders influence from inspiration.  Everyone else follows.

This is The Sign

11. Inspiration

Masterminds are safe spaces to share our fears, challenges and goals.  It gives us a place to be fully open about ourselves, to be authentic and vulnerable.  It’s one of the most beautifully human gifts of belonging to a Mastermind.  There are many ways to get inspiration in a Mastermind, one of the best ways is in Celebrating someone’s win after we’ve seen them struggle. It reminds us that we are loved, supported and safe to be all that we can be. 

12. Discover things you hadnt yet considered

The success of every single human being is limited by his/her own creativity.  So what would happen if you opened up to the creative thinking of many individuals?  Not only do the possibilities multiply by the number of people you share with, but that number is exponentially increased by the number of permutations that become possible in combining individual ideas.  1 great mind + 1 great mind, creating together = 1 Master mind… and thus, the origin of the name.

13. A new you

Ultimately in life, success is about who we become.  The things we do, the stuff we collect, the adventures we experience and the memories we make are the external validators to show the world who we are.  Regardless of the goals, you have set for yourself, who you become along the journey to achievement is the true success.  Masterminds are an amazing way to share the journey with those who are on a similar path, conspiring together to a higher standard of Self and pushing the limit on what’s truly possible.

14. Giving back

As Tony Robbins would say: “The secret to living is giving” and one of the most powerful benefits of belonging to a Mastermind is in giving back.  That means committing to being as involved in sharing your knowledge, experience and perspective on someone else’s success as you wish them to be for you.  It’s a powerful way to create a deep connection with others, based on giving and contribution.  Added Bonus:  there are few things in this world that are more fulfilling or joyful than when we give back from the heart.

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