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Authentic Leadership

There’s a difference between Leadership and Authentic Leadership The last 10 years has seen a rise in Leadership coaching.  That’s

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Let TITANiAM Total Intelligence ® Coaching review your behavioral programming to make you the best leader and the best business teams you can be.

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Go From Existential to Exponential – Gaia Ferreira was recently asked to do an interview on GoSolo.

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Awaken - Genius - Intelligence

Your innate Genius has always been with you… but you learned to ignore it so the world around you could shape you as “they” thought it best for you to be. To (re)awaken your Genius, you need to become aware of the unconscious patterns that hold you back from greatness. Challenge yourself to start noticing the stories, beliefs, and expectations you tell yourself as you move through the day.

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Happiness - Smiley

When I was 9 years old, I wanted to be a nun.

I would put on a turtleneck, then pull it off gently so that it would tightly wrap around my face. I would look in the mirror, neatly arrange “my habit,” and feel a joyous serenity come over me.

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True - False - Initegrity

What if I told you that there’s a word so powerful in the english language, that from this day forward, it will forever be an indicator of personal integrity and a powerful tool to create more personal power?

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There is no fear

Fear doesn’t exist It’s not real no matter how strongly you feel it… It is, however, an indication of where

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The cost of being unaligned

Alignment with self has become one of the cache words of recent years as leadership takes on a more contribution-focused

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Mastermind can boost your business

Working closely with executive and entrepreneur clients, I’ve pretty much seen it all.  From supporting them through hostile client negotiations

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About Gaia Ferreira


Gaia has worked with hundreds of mission-driven executives and entrepreneurs to connect their purpose and vision to the way they work and play every day. Gaia works in 4 languages and has over 15000 hours of experience in coaching, training and speaking around the world.

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