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Elizabeth Cottam

I have opened 3 successful restaurants while becoming happier, more grateful

I have opened 3 successful restaurants while becoming happier, more grateful”

I dramatically changed my work life three years ago with big ambitions about matching the success I’d created for myself over the first 20 years of my career in my chosen profession in my new one. I got my business off to a great start, but knew that I might benefit from help to accelerate the time it would take to get where I really wanted to be.

I also knew that the scale of success I had in mind needed me to become a tremendous leader. I understood that I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of great people and because my new business was self funded, I needed to motivate their hearts and minds to help me achieve my goals.

So I reached out to Gaia with this brief: help me achieve these ambitious plans and become a brilliant leader. We started work 2 years ago. I was a little skeptical, mostly because I’d achieved great things before, working the way I had, so didn’t know quite how she could help. On the other hand, I was so committed to fast tracking what I wanted to do, I was excited about the possibility of it working, even in some small way.

Twelve months later my business does the same thing it did when I started it, but how we do it has completely transformed. How much enjoyment I get from what we do has also increased beyond recognition. My mind set, the way I manage myself, my people, my challenges, my personal life is incomparable to where it was before. My people are very happy too and because of this, we are achieving great things together. Inside these twelve months, as well as getting business number one where I need it to be, I have opened two more. This is all whilst becoming happier, more in control, more human and more grateful for what I do and what I am achieving.

UPDATE 1 YEAR ON: My team is perfectly run, it is a self-suficient engine that is supportive. Everyone celebrates each other, they are looking for self-improvements on their own. They actually don’t need me anymore, which means I have extra time to focus on my next projects.


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