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William Gale

My Business has grown 41% in the last 6 months.

I opted to seek coaching to help me focus on my business. Running my own business I often felt isolated, so I was looking for some accountability and to help me re-calibrate. A year in, what I am achieving is so much more that expected, coaching has changed my perspective and attitude to life. Gaia helped uncover the core of what I want to achieve in my life as a person, and from doing that it has given me the perspective, with Gaia’s guidance, to build out my goals across different areas of my life, not just my business.

he result is not only has my business grown over 41% in the last 6 months, on track to almost double in size this year. I have seen my physical fitness, my relationships and mental well-being all grow and improve. It has helped me grow my understanding that everything in my life is inter-connected and I have complete control to build my life as I dream it and handle any challenges that cross my path.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Gaia as a coach and recommend to anyone that wants to focus on fulfilling their potential.


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