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The Cost of Being Unaligned with Yourself (and how to fix it)

Alignment with self has become one of the cache words of recent years as leadership takes on a more contribution-focused approach, and personal presence incorporates more spirituality to rival conventional scientific and religious thought. 

But Alignment isn’t a new concept.  Long before hashtags ruled the popularity polls of trending words, “integrity”, “cohesion” and “congruence” were more commonly used words to describe being one whos actions, beliefs, words and thoughts are fully representational of the inner truth by which they stand regardless of the situation.

We are the first generation in human history to have the luxury to live from purpose and not just survival.  This has left us with a subconscious pressure to discover what our purpose of life might actually be.

The only way our purpose can be meaningful to us and provide the deep fulfilment we ultimately seek, is by being aligned with ourselves, and understanding the signs of un-alignment so that we may work on our destined greatness. 

Alignment (and therefore, personal fulfilment from a life with meaningful purpose) is such a big topic that there are 100 different ways I can approach this topic, and 100 different parts of life that I can use to give examples about recognizing where you are, today, with your own alignment.

So I’ll start with a simple but immensely powerful message that you’ve already heard – and attempt to shed a new perspective on its meaning and importance:

YOU ARE WHOLE  &  YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are. 

You Are Enough

Anything you may be experiencing in life, right now, of a conflicting or “painful” nature, is a clue there is a separation of your truth from the identity that life has created for you.  Until we align, our identity is more about who we think we are not, then what we know to be our absolute divine truth.  

The logical mind is a great gift.  It is what separates us from animals. 

It is also a great burden.  It is what separates us from ourselves. 

When you use the mind to live, you limit your potential to just what your life has taught you – the teachings of THIS life from books, people, events, places etc…   

When you tap into your intuition or gut feeling (and trust it), you open up the possibilities to Universal knowledge – to miracles – to all of the things your human mind can’t even conceive.   

Fulfilled success in life is much about using both the human mind and the spiritual mind in tandem.  

Now… regarding the alignment to your absolute divine truth… Every action you take, and every word you speak, is an indicator of what you’d like the world to see and know about you.  This, you do, because somewhere along the way of life, you learned that you weren’t those things already. 

For instance, attention-seekers seek attention to receive significance, not realizing that they are significant already.   

When you realize that the purpose of the actions/words/thoughts you’ve been taking is to prove the exact thing that you already are, you can start to notice just how whole and enough you’ve been all along.  After all, in order to recognize the lack, you must already recognize the whole.  Your mind literally can’t see what it doesn’t know. 

You might still choose to do amazing things in the world (like creating a billion-dollar company) but instead of doing it from a place of push / inner conflict/lack… you do it from a place of reverence/contribution/love… and Love has no limits of any kind – Love is the full expansion of the inexhaustible potential of universal possibility for the singular expression of YOU.

Want to see this in action?

Start to notice the intention behind your words/actions/thoughts/…  With a little honesty, you’ll realise that your logical mind will find reason to hush the whispered truth your gut divinely knows, so as to validate the purpose of a logical decision meant to keep you within the comfort of your existence.

Listen for the conflicting message.  The logical mind will push you to things your gut knows not to be true, necessary, or representative of your true greatness. 

The more you listen, the louder the internal conflict will be – and the more you’ll feel called to stand by your truth.  It’s uncomfortable to start this process.  It definitely takes courage.  Trust is not for the fearful. 

At some point, we all must face the choices we’ve made and the misalignment they represent.

Not listening to our gut is a choice that risks teaching us the pain of knowing the regret of a life not fully lived.

This one life is yours.  Live it exponentially.


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