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TITAN Collective Program

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For An Intimate Group Of Visionaries, Leaders & Achievers Who Are Meant For More…


STARTS OCTOBER 18th, 2022 ....
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Gaia Ferreira

You’re A Driven Entrepreneur Who Mastered The Game Of Business Only To Realize You’re Still Missing The Clarity, Joy & Freedom You Dreamt Of — Now What?

Real Clients Real Results

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Tapping Into Lasting Freedom

You Look Successful. Why Don’t You Feel Successful?

You mastered the game of business. You are admired for the success you’ve achieved. Yet, there’s a question inside you that burns your thoughts:

Is this what I’ve worked so hard for —why do I feel like something is still missing?

Whether it’s experiencing less freedom, the Olympic-sized burden on your shoulders, an inability to access the spark of passion you once had, or the loneliness that comes from being at the top…it still doesn’t feel like you’ve achieved true freedom.

In other words, you’re not feeling as successful as others see you.

So, what do you do? You focus on a new goal, achievement or opportunity. You attack challenges, hurdles and problems like you’re on a mission. You tell yourself that once you get there, then you’ll feel true freedom. But the thrill never lasts, and you’re left with that feeling there’s still more to do. Yet again.

You Started Your Business for Freedom. But You Still Don’t Have It.

You’re not like everyone else. You didn’t follow the rat race and slog through the corporate ladder. You started your business for a reason. Autonomy, freedom and the thrill of carving your vision into reality.

You’ve achieved great things, yet it feels like something’s still missing. And you’ve started to realize that despite the wins, successes and breakthroughs  —none of it matters if you can’t experience a permanent sense of freedom like what you imagined you’d have by now. 

So if you’ve ever felt:

Then I want you to know —you’ve come to the right place. Most importantly: you are not alone. 

Because the truth is:

Few People Understand The Real Costs Of Your Success

Everyone talks about the perks of being an entrepreneur: the freedom. The autonomy. The status of flying business class, the coolest cars, multiple homes, and the ability to create more income in a few years than most people do in a decade.

And yet, what about the costly downsides that can often go unchecked? Including feeling like:

Worst of all, in your quiet moments, you may have even caught yourself fantasizing of burning it all down and walking away. If any of this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

After years and thousands of hours coaching high-achievers like you, I’ve realized what makes you part of the top 1% also comes with a few key myths that stop you from experiencing the abundance you’ve dreamt of.

If You Could Get There On Your Own, You’d Already Be There

3 Crushing Myths That Driven High-Achievers Like You, Believe; Whether You Know It Or Not


With More Success Comes More Freedom

Let’s be honest: does your success come with more responsibility?  Did more awards and growth create the freedom to work from anywhere in the world? When you go to bed at night, do you feel free? 

TRUTH:  Success creates freedom only when your thoughts, beliefs, and actions have an internal definition of success that allows you the life you seek.


You’ve got what it takes

You’ve got what it took to make it this far, but if you had what it takes to have the freedom you dream of, you’d already have it. What you already know IS the limitation creating the struggle.

TRUTH:  You can’t create new successes from old patterns. Only NEW patterns can create new levels of success.


Stress Is A Fundamental Sacrifice For Success

The more responsibility sits on your shoulders, the more the stress is paralyzing, right?  And it piles up until it’s too overwhelming to deal with, and we end up hustling through the anxiety, exhaustion and frustration of having so much to deal with. 

TRUTH:  Stress is a symptom. It points to a lack of clarity, trust, and alignment within.

Real Clients Real Reviews

We’re Closing Applications On October 18th

Now, let me ask you:

What If You Could Re-Ignite The

Passion, Purpose & Impact

That Fulfills Your Soul Without Sacrificing Yourself?


TITAN Collective

An Experience For 12 Intrepid Entrepreneurs Ready to Bring New Meaning To Their Success

This isn’t your average program—because you aren’t average (and neither are we).

Most programs have become clubs that regurgitate YouTube content instead of being environments of rapid transformation. I’ve reimagined the typical model with a revolutionary approach designed with one mission:

Building a collective of entrepreneurs who encourage, support and create a permanent positive impact in their life and businesses, for themselves and their loved ones.

Step Boldy Toward Your Soul-Defining Mission For The Next Phase Of Your Life —With Clarity, Purpose & Freedom.

Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Become the best version of yourself on a mental, physical & interpersonal level while amplifying your efficiency. It’s the only program of its kind and is based on over 15,000 hours of coaching the world’s top entrepreneurs in various modalities of mindfulness, health, and business success.

Get Off The Hamster Wheel

Give up the hamster wheel of your life and start living from a place of purpose. Know exactly how to give your day more meaning, more joy, and more productivity. Learn to focus your time on your needle-moving must actions and how to delegate everything else to someone else.

Growth Without Taking All Your Time

You have a lot on your plate. Unlike other experiences, you won’t need to put your life and business on pause. In fact, part of our process is freeing up at least 25% of your bandwidth instantly so you can focus on what matters.

Discover Your Mission & Live With Passion

Discover the truth about who you are and what your mission in life has always been. Aligning with your inner truth allows you to create stronger boundaries and connections with the people you love without the burnout of feeling like you’re always giving.

Access Deep Peace, Anytime, Anywhere

When you radically shift your being, you access a state of lasting internal peace that no external circumstances can take away from you. This allows you to do your best work while stepping away, effortlessly overcoming any challenges, and get back into a state of personal power no matter what’s happening in the world.

Create A Legacy That Fulfills Your Soul

You've been given unique talents, perspectives, and experiences in life. No one else on the planet is like you. Discover with certainty the purpose of your uniqueness and how to take your success in the business world to new levels of impact and meaning.

Become a TITAN Achiever

Become more meaning into your achievements through intentional decisions, purpose-driven time management, health improvements, and activity tracking, gratitude, learning routines and reflection exercises, and more.

All-Encompassing. Finally.

Most coaching only focuses on a couple of areas. The TITAN Collective is a science-backed process addressing 7 core areas (we call them intelligences) which leads to rapid expansion integrated across every area of your being. Finally.

Ignite Your Total Intelligence®

Every decision, feeling, or thought you have comes down to what we've defined as your core 7 intelligences of operation. Once you've cleared your old patterns, you'll use our science-backed methods in these 7 areas to create exponential success. On your terms.

Actionable Training w/ ROI

Our monthly live training is focused on an adaptable curriculum to meet your (and the group’s) specific needs —in the shortest amount of time. Additionally, you get access to Instant Clarity Hot Seats and unlimited 1-1 laser coaching to turn a roadblock into instant clarity.

Customized To Your Needs

You’re done with cookie-cutter approaches that barely scratch the surface. We address who you are at a biological and emotional level, and you get customized guidance that creates instant ROI.

Release The Shackles Of Unconscious Patterns

No matter how successful you are, we've all been conditioned with beliefs that limit us from being even more. You'll discover tools to become aware of your limiting patterns so you can be free to choose new possibilities going forward in the least amount of time.

3X Your Free Time. Guaranteed

Our program is designed with your highly demanding schedule in mind. We've stripped away all of the useless marketing techniques other groups include so that we can focus on delivering only what will truly create permanent transformation in your life.

Ditch Short-Sighted Goals For Long-Term Impact

Instead of short-sighted goals, this program will ensure you’re thinking like the true gamechanger you’re here to be. We’ll craft a compelling 10-year vision while ensuring the right strategy and elements are in place to get you where you want to go.

Learn, Grow & Build Together

Our intimate program of just 12 entrepreneurs is curated to ensure alignment between its members based on shared values, goals, and resources. We are not just building for 12 months –we are building a collective community for life.

Your Special Invitation Closes On October 18th

A Word From


Hi, I’m Gaia and I help high-achieving entrepreneurs rediscover the clarity, purpose and freedom they thought they’d lost.

You’ve been playing the entrepreneurial game for a while. You had a vision when you first started this journey. Are you reaping the rewards you thought you’d have by now? Do you go to bed at night feeling good about the day you’ve had and excited about tomorrow?

You’ve probably realized by now that dreadful feeling of being on a treadmill with no off button. “I’ve got to just keep going,” you tell yourself… desperately trying to convince yourself that the clarity, freedom, and reward you seek will come after this latest hurdle…

But deep down inside, you know it’s not true. And even if no one sees it, you feel the frustration and stress of this never-ending cycle; it’s crushing your spirit, making everything feel like a chore…

There’s no real excitement to your day anymore; everything seems to have lost the meaning it once had; your relationships feel superficial; you may even be starting to worry about your health because you can’t remember the last time you had a deeply refreshing night of rest.

Worst of all, the outside world sees you as the go-to for answers. But when you’re at the top, there isn’t anyone to be your go-to … it can feel isolating not to have someone who truly understands as a sounding board to clear out your thoughts, right?

You need a break from overwhelm, anxiety, and constant stress. It just isn’t sustainable to live this way permanently… You may have started drinking a little more, venturing into drug use, gambling, or flirting to feel the rush, excitement, and reconnection with the sense of you that you’ve lost. Deep down, you know these activities won’t lead to anything good – but you convince yourself that they’re acceptable short-term needs to get you through the weight on your shoulders.

But if you’re honest…you know how those distractions end up. More pain. Unnecessary suffering for the people you love. The cycle of inner conflict gets bigger: you need a break but can’t see a way out of the cycle. .

None of what you’ve tried to be more at peace with yourself is working; more stuff, toys or zeroes in your account (though, those are nice…) are not making you happier. You’re longing for something deeper. Something beyond the surface that more accolades can’t provide.

You’ve realized that having more doesn’t bring more joy. Doing more doesn’t actually give you freedom. You’re seeking something DEEPER than what you’ve experienced so far so that you can create an IMPACT that matters to you in the depths of your soul.

You long for meaning in your day, freedom in your life, and knowing that you’ve built a legacy that fulfills your soul.

By the way, I’ve been where you are.

The Truth About


By the time I was 18, I was already clearing 6-figures (while my friends got drunk and focused on dead-end jobs). Soon after, I held an executive position for a leading multinational software company with all the status, access, and leadership one could dream of…To the outside world, I was a Success.

But there was a downside.

I had massive responsibility on my shoulders.

I worked across 11 time zones with small children at home, and I didn’t have anyone who understood my challenges to go to for support…which led to a state of crippling overwhelm.

It felt impossible to give my children the time they deserved and keep up with MY needs when my mind was constantly on work…the next meeting, the next deadline, the next company demand. Sound familiar?

Inevitably, the lack of personal clarity, lack of time for myself, and lack of support to help me figure it all out caught up to me.   Buried under everyone else’s expectations of me, I burned out.  And it wasn’t pretty…

It took me a while to realize that stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout aren’t normal. But once I got the clarity (and the understanding that I wanted something different)…

I realized something drastic had to change.

I canceled my executive contract with the company I worked for. I committed to refocusing my life in a way that was meaningful to ME. I opened a Catering Business which grew into a Culinary school, a Wine tasting service, a PR & Food Brand representation agency, and… my own TV show on the Spanish Food Network —a dream come true!

Again, everyone looked at me as an example:  I’d achieved success not once but twice!  This time in an area that most only ever dream of experiencing.  BUT, yet again, here I was: different circumstances and the same gut-wrenching feeling.

Then I got the ultimate wake-up call with my friend Maria’s tragic and untimely death. At that moment, I understood why my success on paper didn’t feel like success to me.

I embarked on the journey to uncover the secrets of what success meant on my terms. Not the gurus. Not the billionaires. I realized that it wasn’t what I had achieved or accumulated in my bank account that mattered….

It was whether or not I felt deep fulfillment, inner peace, and purpose in my day… in a word, JOY. 

20+ years and multiple 6-figure sums spent on personal development later…the commitment I made to myself to learn, teach, and master the best in personal growth and life optimization paid off. I realized that 80% of what’s out there is there to hook you in on the meaningless superficial things that will sell you. The truth is that real lasting transformative change comes down to some very basic yet fundamental understandings.

Backed by science, and supported by experience, our program has drilled it all down for you so you can get the best in personal growth and optimization in a fraction of the time.

I put everything into my programs with remarkable results. People who’ve tried everything are creating rapid breakthroughs. Relationships on the fringes are now thriving again. Struggling businesses are growing at unprecedented paces..

But most importantly: the high-achievers I coach have found the best of both worlds:

A deep sense of joy/fulfilment and the ability to do their best work with the highest amount of impact.

All of them would self-proclaim never even believing it was possible to be THIS happy (as happy as they are now.)

And I want you to be next.

I don’t believe in coincidences so if you’re here, reading this, there’s a very real reason you need to stop what you’re doing  and consider how this program can transform your life, NOW!

As Steve Jobs said, we can’t connect the dots looking forward, but we always do looking back.

I’d love to see you inside.

Gaia Ferreira
CEO – Chief Excellence Officer
Creator of the Total Intelligence® Method

P.S. Every journey of lasting transformation starts with one courageous step.

If anything on this page resonated, don’t wait —this once-in-a-lifetime experience is limited to only 12 people.

Leading a life and business with clarity, purpose and freedom starts with 1min application form

Why Traditional Personal Growth Programs Don’t Create Lasting Results And Ours Does

You may have tried other programs, only to realize that results were temporary, the community was self-serving and the growth you craved never really came. Often, my clients come to me from prior experiences with one, two, or three of these problems, including:

Unlike Any Other Program On The Planet. And That’s Great News.

What’s included

Monthly Live Training Immersion [Value: $6,000]

We’ll meet every month with a live training call designed to help you elevate your transformation across the 7 core intelligences with access to on-the-spot coaching —and actionable post-call steps

2 Virtual Mastermind Intensives [Value: $7,500]

Over the program, you’ll get access to 2X Mastermind Intensives with curated expert content, MasterClasses from the world’s top experts in each of the 7 Core Intelligences to accelerate your learning and optimize health, life, and business.

Resources For The Whole You [Value: $10,000]

Unlike other programs, we focus on the whole of you. That means you get support for your mind (ex: decision models), your heart(ex: emotional healing therapies), your soul (ex: meditations and guided hypnosis recordings), your body (nutrition & fitness plans), and money. These resources work together with the program’s 7 core intelligences, to fulfill all of your needs and make sure you are the very best at every step of the way.

VIP Vault Access [Value: $2,000]

Get access to our library of extras, including resources, tools, course library, and replay(s) if you missed or want to rewatch an event. From anywhere in the world.

Surrounded By A+ Players [Value: Priceless]

Be surrounded by a highly-curated and vetted group of like-minded high achievers who will support and challenge you for maximum growth. Finally, someone you can have real conversations with.

Access $9,750 Of Extras When You Apply Today

Apply before the deadline and receive access to these Early Bird special bonuses.

EARLY BIRD BONUS #1: Breakthrough Call 2 x 2 Hours [Value: $4,000]

Get instant clarity as you overcome blind spots, eliminate obstacles and accelerate your path to lasting fulfillment, freedom, and peace of mind —to set you up for success for the rest of the program. From this 2 hours deep dive, you will discover The ONE core belief that has been holding you back, the ways this core belief shows up in your daily life, the missing piece to your joy and freedom, and the new focus that will shift your entire life for you from a place of existential questioning to exponential results.

EARLY BIRD BONUS #2: 1-1 Laser Coaching [Value: $5,000]

Are you a top performer? Someone who loves to get straight to the point? These laser coaching sessions offer you direct access to me whenever you need it for quick, instant clarity, direction, and strategy throughout our program. These are designed to keep you accountable, growing, and shifting into your new joyful life of freedom.

EARLY BIRD BONUS #3: TITAN Action-Taker Bundle [Value: $750]

Sign up now and receive our box of must-have tools for ultimate success, delivered straight to your door. These TITAN tools will support your health, learning, growth, and success in the program from even before Day 1.


TITAN Collective® UPSELLS Include

UPSELL #1: Personalized Life Optimisation Report [Investment: $5,000]

Are you committed to living your best healthy, vibrant life for as long as possible? This bonus includes a personalized report with everything you need to know about your unique formula for a healthy and optimized life. We do this by cross-referencing the results of your Medical grade DNA assessments (which we’ll ship to you), your medical history, and your entire emotional and experiential life history. You’ll get 4 additional coaching sessions to support your health, every resource you might need to understand your unique health requirements, a meal plan, supplement plan, lifestyle, and fitness plan. You’ll understand your unique link between emotions and the onset of health issues. In short, once you’ve received your Report, you’ll know exactly how to achieve all of your health goals without having to jump on any diet trend ever again. Plus, our team of nutrigenomics, functional medicine, and biohacking experts will be available to you throughout for direct guidance and support.

UPSELL #2: TITAN Accountability Guarantee [Investment: $5,000]

Are you 100% committed to success? Sign up for the Super Accountability Program. This is the easiest way to guarantee results, and no extra time will be required from you to guarantee your own success.

UPSELL #3: Unlimited* VIP 1-1 Private Coaching [Investment:$5,000]

This package gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into anything that may pop up that you’d like clarity on in a private setting. You’ll get unlimited* personalized one-on-one coaching sessions for any topic you'd like to discuss privately throughout our time together in the program. You'll receive clarity, direction, and strategy that you can take action on immediately to accelerate your success. *Your success and wins are 100% on your time on your terms. You can access your next session only once you’ve completed the tasks from the previous session.

UPSELL #4: 2 LIVE In-Person Retreats [Value: $10,000]

Attend our exclusive live in-person retreats. These retreats are designed to take you further, faster, better with community, laughter, and adventures mixed in to provide you the learning at an experiential level.

Claim 1 Of The 12 Limited Spots By

A Science-Backed Process Proven To Release Overwhelm And Get You Into A State Of Joy And Fulfillment So That You Can Build A Legacy That Fulfills Your Soul

Most programs & Coaching only address one or two parts of your life. The TITAN Collective is designed to have you live your most joyful life with clarity, certainty, and alignment to your purpose so that you can build a legacy that fulfills the soul.

We transform your existential questions that lead to stress, anxiety, and breakdowns…into breakthroughs that lead to exponential success.

So, how do we get there? We give you the training, the hot seat transformations, and the exhilarating support of other business owners who “get” you —through a collective with whom you can explore, share, have fun (remember that!?), and grow.

The TITAN Collective Supports You In:

In short, the TITAN Collective® is a 360º method that addresses every part of who you are being. By doing so, you live in alignment, lead with authenticity and create an impact from a place of clarity, passion, and freedom.



Re-Awakening your Genius

Experience stunning clarity on what you must focus on to live a fulfilled life with joy, health & wealth, on your terms while opening you to discover your true purpose.

The Understanding of the unconscious patterns that have been standing in your way
The Clearing of the unconscious imprint on your conscious mind, behaviour and results
The Creation of new unconscious patterns to support your daily actions to success



Igniting Your Head
Discover how to release stress and overwhelm to make decisions with confidence, aligned with your future vision (not your circumstances) and live without regrets.

Igniting Your Heart
Tap into the most powerful source of emotions, as you integrate the whole of your life experience as a gift so that you may live in full joy and create a thriving life.

Igniting Your Spirit
Learn why detaching from outcomes is a superpower to attract more of what you want while letting go of what you don’t. Make your success inspired by your destiny, not your fears.

Igniting your Body
Leverage your body toward success as you listen to exactly what it needs as you improve your clarity, energy, and stamina with superior health markers and life expectancy.

Igniting Your Behavior
Intentionally redesign habits that don’t serve you. In doing so, you live empowered, set personal boundaries, and ensure you’re creating space to explore, play and connect.

Igniting Your Language
Release disempowering language and instead express yourself to generate deep influence and empathy.

See If You Qualify For One Of The 12 Spots

You can make time or you can make excuses. The truth is that your future is dependent on the decisions you make today. Even if only the littlest part of you is saying: “Go on, find out more…” you owe it to yourself to click the button and take action NOW. To ensure an intimate and transformation experience, spots are unfortunately limited to just 12 members – and when they’re gone, they’re definitely gone… and with them, the $9750 in bonuses and your chance to be enjoying next summer with the time, freedom and levels of joy you deserve.

This Experience Is Limited To 12 High-Achievers —Apply Now.

Access $9750 Of Extras When You Apply Today

Apply before October 18th, 2022 and receive access to these special bonuses.

EARLY BIRD BONUS #1: Breakthrough Call 2 x 2 Hours [Value: $4,000]

Get instant clarity as you overcome blind spots, eliminate obstacles and accelerate your path to lasting fulfillment, freedom, and peace of mind —to set you up for success for the rest of the program. From this 2 hours deep dive, you will discover The ONE core belief that has been holding you back, the ways this core belief shows up in your daily life, the missing piece to your joy and freedom, and the new focus that will shift your entire life for you from a place of existential questioning to exponential results.

EARLY BIRD BONUS #2: 1-1 Laser Coaching [Value: $5,000]

Are you a top performer? Someone who loves to get straight to the point? These laser coaching sessions offer you direct access to me whenever you need it for quick, instant clarity, direction, and strategy throughout our program. These are designed to keep you accountable, growing, and shifting into your new joyful life of freedom.

EARLY BIRD BONUS #3: TITAN Action-Taker Bundle [Value: $750]

Sign up now and receive our box of must-have tools for ultimate success, delivered straight to your door. These TITAN tools will support your health, learning, growth, and success in the program from even before Day 1.




When you commit to our Program, We commit to you.  In fact, We are SO convinced that you will be blown away by your results that if you’ve done all the work, can show us your process and are still not getting the results you set for yourself, Gaia will keep working with you personally herself one-on-one until you do.

If You’re Still Not Convinced, I Know What You’re Thinking.

I’ve heard this before.

Perhaps – Maybe you’ve even tried it before… but in every equation that are multiple parts.

  • The first is what you bring to the equation (that’s 100% up to you, and although we will support you to make the journey as easy and enjoyable for you, participating and doing the work is 100% up to you).
  • The second part is the Collective – we take vetting our participants seriously.  We know that in order for a community to work, it must work together.  We will only take driven entrepreneurs who are 100% committed to succeeding for themselves, and together.
  • The third part is US.  In everything that we do, our commitment is always to show up 100%

To be on time, prepared, and ready to play full out!

So, it’s simple math, really:  100% + 100% + 100% = 300%

With a 300% commitment, Success is always guaranteed!

I don’t have the time.

Our first session together will be dedicated to understanding how you work and setting you up for long-term success.  We do this by creating clarity around your values, your beliefs, your actions, and how it translates into your schedule.   After just the first TITAN Collective session, you’ll be clear on how you can clear your plate by 10%-25% instantly.   Creating 4 hours per month required to become a TITAN Collective member will become easier every month – not just because we show you how, but also because the value you get from showing up will make this a priority you’ll want to make time for.

My schedule is slammed.

After years of working with CEOs, founders and high-achievers, I get it. It’s why the program is designed to get you the highest amount of results in the least amount of time. Doing more is rarely the solution to success:  Doing better more effectively is!  That’s why “Clarity” is at the root of everything we will be developing together.

Mindfulness isn’t for me.

Perfect!  This is not a program that will teach you to cross your legs while chanting Om for hours and the ridiculous attempt to “empty your head of thoughts”. Your thoughts are synaptic sparks between neurons that happen automatically and out of your control – we are, however, going to show you how to live more clarity, with more positive emotional patterns, deeper trust, better energy, empowering habits and influential communication. This will rewire your neurons so over time, your thoughts will be more supportive of you, and lead to more success in all areas of your life. 

This invitation expires at midnight on October 18th, 2022 - and so will the $9,750 bundle of Bonuses!

If You Could Get There On Your Own, You’d Already Be There —Apply Now.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. African Proverb

My client’s most common testimonial is a version of the following:

“Gaia, if I had believed being this happy was even possible, I would’ve started sooner”.

And I get it: it’s often easier to keep the pain we know than to courageously step into something new (even if it’s what we truly want).

Saying “YES” to the TITAN Collective is saying:

✔ YES To Clarity
✔ YES To Freedom
✔ YES To Success On Your Terms

And most importantly, it’s a YES to yourself (and the world), that what you’ve always dreamed of IS POSSIBLE.

Don’t wait and click the button to apply now.



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