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TITAN Program

Founding Member Invitation

How to connect to your authentic Self, trust your intuition and live everyday with deeper joy so that you can build a legacy that fulfils your soul


*Only 5 spots available
Gaia Ferreira

What this program is really about?

You Know how

sometimes you might feel trapped between what you should do and what you want to do?  You lie awake in bed, stressed by the decisions that you have to make, or you stay up far later than you know is good for you because you have just one more email to answer, one more problem to solve or one more thing you want to finish… You start your day with a quick peak at your phone and see all the ways your business, your staff and your people need you. You often feel on auto-pilot, surviving more than thriving, focused on the next hurdle to overcome..   “It’ll get better when…” is something you might have heard yourself think.  Your life sometimes feels like a never-ending list of fires to put out and things to resolve.  Somedays, you’re not sure this is what you want anymore.  No one really understands the amount of pressure you’re under to keep the standard of your life and business growing. There are days you feel isolated from those around you because of the pressure you’re under on your own.  Life is moving fast on the hamster wheel and you may have resigned yourself to believing that this is just how it is.

Imagine instead

feeling calm throughout your day with the certainty that you have the tools, the people and the clarity to resolve what comes up.  You breathe easy and deeply with energy that outlasts your activities.  You find yourself smiling and communicating with more patience because you are operating from a place of alignment where you’ve successfully made your expectations a reality. You have a clear vision of where you’re going and you feel a strong sense of purpose about being the one to make it happen. You spend your days with inspiration, trusting in your intuition and your destiny, feeling calm in your life and business with an inner knowing that you are making a difference that matters.  You feel grateful for all of your past challenges because they’ve been the key to your success all along. You go to bed at night feeling fulfilled by what you accomplished that day, satisfied by the impact you had on the people around you, and feeling excited about the next day.

What would it mean to you if

there was no more internal struggle between what’s expected and what’s possible? How would it feel to go to bed with more joy, more calm, certainty, and excitement about tomorrow? What could you accomplish if you reconnected to your true innate purpose and desires so that your life and business were an authentic expression of what you’ve always dreamt to make possible?  What is the difference in the world that you would make if you intentionally engaged in every day with the kind of inspired action that creates a legacy that fulfils your soul?

It would be pretty epic, right?

Welcome to your personal invitation to the TITAN Program.

If you don’t yet feel like you’ve achieved your true purpose in life, if it feels like you’re still working on “getting there”… if stress, worry, fear and thinking fatigue are familiar feelings to you… It’s almost definitely because:

You’re disconnected from your Why/Purpose/Mission
(what I call your Genius)

You don’t know what you want and seek out lots of data before taking a decision
(The Mind - IQ)

You have trouble connecting to the emotional (with your Self or with others)
(The Heart - EQ)

You don’t fully trust the people or systems in place
(The Spirit - SQ)

You don’t have enough natural energy to get you through your day
(The Body - BQ)

You’re not yet who or where you’d like to be
(The Adaptability - AQ)

You feel misunderstood or unable to confidently fully express the authentic you
(The Language - LQ)

You have a vision for something bigger than your current status
(TITAN Legacy )

Have you identified yourself in the list above?

Who it’s for

Although just about everyone can benefit from creating a legacy that fulfils their soul, This program is specifically designed for you if you:

Who it’s not for

This program is not for you if

What’s included

Online training (including videos, audio and transcriptions to suit your preferred learning style)
(Value: $15,000)

Private membership area with transformational content, resources and support
(Value, 3,000)

Group Coaching sessions to learn from the experience of others and accelerate the learning process **
(Value, $7,200)

The Vision Planner - a Purpose-driven Time Management system
(Value: $25)

Daily Accountability to Mindset Success sheets based on 5000 hours of coaching that will completely transform your mindset in just 3mins a day while making you more productive and efficient with your results
(Value: $25)

The Achievement GPS model for clarity, inspiration and momentum on your goals and a clear and simple path to achieving them every single time.
(Value: $1,000)

A unique way to get clear, plan and strategize your 10-year vision for success

A Life Book that will keep you inspired on your path and driven by your inner-motivation based on all your learnings from the program
(Value: $50)

A release of all patterns that have been holding you back
(Value: $15,000)

A renewed sense of Energy, Inner Peace and Joy in your day
(Value: Priceless)

The active creation of a legacy that fulfils your legacy
(Value: Priceless)

The active creation of a legacy that fulfils your legacy
(Value: Priceless)


Initial 2-hour strategy session to get you started, and getting the most out of our program
(Value $1,000)

Unlimited access*** to private coaching with Gaia Ferreira (unlimited coaching sessions available to you upon completion of growth work)
(Value $27,000)

Group coaching sessions to grow your learning faster, integrate the lessons more easily, and connect to fellow TITANs for support
(Value $7,200)

Lifetime access (limited to 2 registered devices)
(Value $15,000)

Co-creation in the elements of the program (your experience, ideas and recommendations will be included as part of your experience and the robustness of the final program)

Preferred pricing
(Value $7,000)

Affiliate rewards for every referral you send that joins the program

Your invitation to be a Founding Member expires at midnight on June 30th, 2021 and with it, the $57,000 worth of Bonuses will be all gone, too!

How The Program Works

The TITAN program is a 3-phase system designed to have you live your most joyful life with clarity, certainty and alignment to your purpose, so that you can build a legacy that fulfils the soul. It’s designed to take you from the existential questions to your exponential success.

This training will walk you through a process by which we separate the learned version of you from the true possibility of you.

We do this by:

In short, our program allows you to clear away all of the life lessons that have been keeping you from realising your exponential joy so that you can intentionally respond to the world from a place of aligned Creation instead of stressful Reaction.

Each module is a month-long system with daily points of learning (max 5 mins a day), with some easy, fun growth work that may include writing, reflection and practices.



Awaken the Genius

In this phase we create absolute Clarity on what you must focus on to live a fulfilled life with joy, health & wealth, on your terms while opening you to discover your true purpose.   

The Understanding of the unconscious patterns that have been standing in your way
The Clearing of the unconscious imprint on your conscious mind, behaviour and results
The Creation of new unconscious patterns to support your daily actions to success



Intelligence Method

In this phase, we take the Clarity of our Genius and master its execution by igniting our Total Intelligence.  This includes the mastery of our 6 core intelligences:

The Mind (IQ): this is where we understand how our logical mind works, from our decision-making model to analysis of information to how we organise our thoughts.  All of life’s stress happens in our Mind.  By learning how our mind works, we get to master inner Certainty; making decisions with confidence from our vision (and not our circumstances) and live a life with no regrets.

The Heart (EQ): our current status of life is a reflection of our emotional home. There are 6 core emotions of pain that guide our suffering. Awareness of their source allows us to integrate the whole of our life experience as a gift so that we may live in full Joy – and create a life that we thrive in.

The Spirit (SQ): our gut is either directed by our instinct to thrive or our instinct to survive. Recognising control patterns, detaching from outcome, and experiencing the gift of surrender builds our ability to Trust – so that our success is inspired by our destiny not our fears.

The Body (BQ): Your body is your vehicle of success.  Are you driving to your destiny in a Corolla or a Cadillac? Your body holds valuable information about what it needs to support your journey.  Knowing how to listen affects what your can do, how you do it, and how long you get to do it for.  This module focuses on your Energy – Improving your energy, your health and your life expectancy

The Adaptability (AQ): Our habits predict our future; Our adaptability predicts our ease. Learning to intentionally redesign the habits that don’t serve us allows us to live an empowered daily lifestyle that creates a life in Balance – with a commitment to personal boundaries and a constant improvement of current strategies, so that there is accelerated success in all areas.

The Language (LQ):  Words become things. The words we speak and hear are the containers by which our life’s experience is limited.  Our self-expression and our ability to listen with empathy are the keys to having  Influence and inspiring others to action with support, help and devoted collaborators who stand with us as we make our legacy happen.



Elysium Circle***

***by invitation only (invitation is predicated on the successful completion and implementation of the Awakened Genius and Total Intelligence method. 

In this phase we activate your legacy by implementing the projects that supports your meaningful legacy with the help, guidance, and enjoyment of sharing projects, network and growth with other TITAN’s who are also creating a better world to live in.  This is where the entirety of your recipe for Fulfilment is activated, implemented and maintained so that you are guaranteed to build a legacy that fulfils the soul and be an integral ripple of good in the world.

The benefits

You’ll be a TITAN – a leader who uses his Total Intelligence To Achieve Nirvana by creating a legacy that fulfils your soul with:

The Clarity that you were born for more

The Creativity to envision new possibilities

The Curiosity to explore

The Certainty that the time to activate a new vision is Now

The Commitment to give back by empowering, influencing and being of service to others

The Courage to make your vision a reality

With your Genius awakened by igniting your Total Intelligence, you’ll feel the joy that only true personal fulfilment can give you.

Your invitation to be a Founding Member expires at midnight on June 30th, 2021 and with it, the $57,000 worth of Bonuses will be all gone, too!

Who is Gaia Ferreira

Gaia is an author, speaker and coach on personal fulfilment and heart-focused leadership who has helped hundreds of mission-driven executives and entrepreneurs connect their purpose and vision to the way they work and play every day.    She believes in the importance of living your legacy on purpose so that the world may become a better place that is lead from the heart (not from a spreadsheet).  Through deep inner work, she addresses the values and belief systems that create the fear and courage from which they operate so that they may align mind, heart and soul to the way they show up to lead themselves and their team to do good things and be great people.  To Live, Love and Lead from the Heart.

Gaia works in 4 languages and has over 5000 hours of experience in coaching, training and speaking around the world.



When you commit to our Program, We commit to you.  In fact, We are SO convinced that you will be blown away by your results that if you’ve done all the work, can show us your process and are still not getting the results you set for yourself, Gaia will keep working with you personally herself one-on-one until you do.



You are invited to be a Founding Member of the TITAN Program. As such, you will be rewarded with extra services that will not be available once this program is launched to the public. The following is a list of reserved benefits just for you and will never be offered again!

This invitation expires at midnight on June 30th, 2021 and will NOT BE AVAILABLE EVER AGAIN ONCE DOORS CLOSE! Grab the $57,000 worth of Bonuses, NOW !!!

This is a transformative 9 month program

valued at over $34,000

Once this goes live, this program will be offered at $15,000 without all of the bonuses available to you today.

Your special Founding Member price includes BONUSES Valued at over $57,200.

This one-time only, time-sensitive invitation to join as a Founding Member for just $6997 as a one-time payment OR 12 monthly payments of $647

This invitation expires at midnight on June 30th, 2021, and will NOT BE AVAILABLE EVER AGAIN ONCE DOORS CLOSE!


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