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What is Authentic Leadership?

There’s a difference between Leadership and Authentic Leadership

The last 10 years has seen a rise in Leadership coaching.  That’s because the definition of Leadership has been changing. In fact, leadership isn’t enough anymore.  Now, more than ever, Authentic Leadership is what is being sought after because it allows the honouring of the journey we are each on, and the unique learnings we’ve developed.

We already know that: 

  • Leadership is not a formula
  • Leadership is not a rank you earn
  • Leadership is not a skill you learn 
  • Leadership is not something you do
  • Leadership is not even about influence (where influence is the ability to move others to action from a human vision of success)

Leadership – True Authentic Leadership – is about alignment with Self

unaligned Leadership

The alignment with your truest, highest self; that deepest part of you that vibrates your truth no matter what you tell yourself. 

This alignment is only possible as the result of understanding the conflict that is within:

  • The conflict between fear and surrender
  • The conflict between anger and love
  • The conflict between competition and collaboration
  • The conflict between your outer world and your inner world
  • The conflict between your human wants and your soul’s journey
  • The conflict between rejection and acceptance

Authentic Leadership is developed as a unique journey for each one of us.  It is the result of the hardships we face in all of life, and finding our unique way to attune to the lightest part of ourSelves, even in our toughest challenges.  

Authentic Leadership is understanding the grace in the space between the conflicts in our life’s journey.

It is a journey that requires:

  • the clarity to acknowledge the intention behind the action, thought or feeling so that we can take responsibility for the vibration of its consequences
  • the courage to see the circumstances happening outside of us as separate and impersonal to our own human experience so that we can operate with less judgment
  • the willingness to experience our negative emotions as an opportunity to transcend personal perception from the impersonal reality so that we can continue our day with lightness and joy

INpowered vs EMpowered

Leadership is having a position IN Power to lead ourselves and others to a human vision that benefits me, the family, the company, the community etc…

Authentic leadership is being in a position to EMpower ourSelves and others to a universal vision for all humanity through me, the family, the company, the community etc… 


At some level, we are ALL seeking to be Authentic Leaders in our lives and business… and thankfully, we have seen how workplace morale, wellbeing and loyalty have improved with those businesses led by Authentic Leaders. <3

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