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I help Entrepreneurs go from Existential to Exponential by Igniting their Total Intelligence™

Build a Legacy That Fulfils your Soul

Create your Titan Legacy - 35 Power Routines to Ignite your Total Intelligence and Build a Legacy that fulfils the soul

From Existential questioning

to Exponential success

in just 12 months


Meaningful Legacies

Are Created When


Inspires Action

You’ve pushed yourself to achieve great things driven by a vision to live your best life - a TITAN life, with a unique legacy to make you legendary.

To those who know you, you are an inspiration of success. But you know you’re meant for even more.

The money, opportunities, and rewards that once excited you have lost their meaning. Questions now lie where answers once stood. There’s a existential reckoning to find out ‘what’s next’, and to feel certain that this next stage will re-ignite the excitement and curiosity that will drive your exponential success.

The legacies that fulfil the soul are the ones created by TITAN leaders who have:
– The Clarity that they were born for more
– The Creativity to envision new possibilities
– The Curiosity to explore
– The Certainty that the time to activate a new vision is Now
– The Commitment to give back by empowering, influencing and being of service to others.
– The Courage to make their vision a reality

From Existential questioning

to Exponential success

in just 12 months




How an executive burnout led to a creative adventure that launched a life of purpose.

Hi. I’m Gaia. Mine is not your usual path to success. In fact, when I gave up my executive career to go back to school, everyone thought I was crazy. But I had always dreamed of becoming a Chef. Food is not just a way to experience my passion for life, it is a way to bring people together; to share ideas, perspectives, and collaborations… and a way for me to tangibly experience my creative expression. What those who looked up to me didn’t understand was that the status, remuneration and responsibility of a executive career was no longer enough to fulfil the joy and rewards I deserved. Quietly, to myself, I spent too much time asking the question: “Is this really it?”

It wasn’t! Over time, the courage to recreate what was possible for me opened doors I’d dreamed of all my life… and has led me to shift my career into a daily calling that allows me to use my executive experience, entrepreneurial background and creative perspective to help and support mission-driven entrepreneurs who are caught between staying on top of the success of their businesses and launching the dreams they can’t find time or opportunity to start.  When the existential questions start to take over, that’s when you know that your exponential success is just a few moments away.

We only get this one life. It’s time to make your success count for more. To do the greater good for your loved ones, your community and humanity.

From Profits To Passion To Purpose

From Existential Leader to Exponential


My clients go from the stress of living by the demands of others, to the joy of creating a better world for all

Resources for Titans

Strategies and tools that will shift you from Existential to Exponential, ignite your Total Intelligence, and build a legacy that fulfils your soul

There's a difference between Leadership and Authentic Leadership The last 10 years has seen a rise in Leadership coaching.  That's because the definition of Leadership

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Let TITANiAM Total Intelligence ® Coaching review your behavioral programming to make you the best leader and the best business teams you can be.

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Your innate Genius has always been with you… but you learned to ignore it so the world around you could shape you as “they” thought it best for you to be. To (re)awaken your Genius, you need to become aware of the unconscious patterns that hold you back from greatness. Challenge yourself to start noticing the stories, beliefs, and expectations you tell yourself as you move through the day.

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When I was 9 years old, I wanted to be a nun.

I would put on a turtleneck, then pull it off gently so that it would tightly wrap around my face. I would look in the mirror, neatly arrange “my habit,” and feel a joyous serenity come over me.

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Create your Titan Legacy - 35 Power Routines to Ignite your Total Intelligence and Build a Legacy that fulfils the soul

Activate Your Titan Legacy

If you know there’s something bigger in your plan and you’re not sure how to execute it…


Activate your Titan Legacy

The world is changing. Never before has your leadership been so crucial to humanity’s wellbeing. If you’re in a position of influence, you have a responsibility to explore the exponential possibilities of the legacy you’re here to create.

Our programs are unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. It’s high performance and mindset coaching that has been 100% tailored to your unique genomic recipe and ongoing epigenetic choice. Our programs are the only way to ignite your Total Intelligence so that you can truly achieve what you were born for.


Your Audience



Leadership isn’t a status - It’s a responsibility

No matter where they sit in the hierarchy of business, everyone can be a Titan Leader committed to their unique impact in the world because everyone has a unique role to play in the success of a vision and growth of your business. Help your audience understand how to recommit to their personal success as Titan Leaders by committing to yours.

Help your audience get clear on the Impact they were born to make

Inspire Your Audience To Genius

What Clients are Saying...

I no longer feel stress or anxiety.  I feel more connected to myself and my mission

When I first started with Gaia, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  As a coach myself, it takes a lot to impress me and also get me to see results that I cannot work through myself.  To say I was impressed is an understatement!  Each week, we would talk through action-oriented goals and together we’d work through some of my bigger challenges that were holding me back.

One of the biggest breakthroughs I had with Gaia was the realisation that I was putting a lot of expectations on others and that it was causing me stress and unhappiness.  She helped me approach various situations from a different perspective and it has been a game changer for me.  I no longer feel the stress or anxiety over these expectations I used to hold.  I feel more connected to myself, my mission and the work I am divinely meant to do.  As a result, decisions that are right for me are easier to take, and everything I do is meaningful to me and brings me joy and fulfilment.

As I reflect back on the work together, my life has changed dramatically and I have to thank Gaia for the support and encouragement to help me get to where I am now.  The way that I handle challenges now, has come from a new way of thinking that she helped me to see and integrate.  I am grateful for this beyond words!

Nikki Sharp,
Wellness Expert & Author

The total spectrum of my life, from mindset, to business, and relationships

I realised early on that Gaia had more knowledge and experience than I'd seen wrapped up in one human. Our weekly sessions included the total spectrum of my life, from mindset, to business, relationships, spirituality and health.  I always looked forward to my coaching calls, and felt rejuvenated and spirited to tackle the tasks that I had discussed with her.

Gaia easily flows from one topic to the next. Her talents are plentiful, however, for me the thing that stands out the most, is that she was able to see what was holding me back, and how to manoeuvre through it without triggering my own fears, whilst teaching me new skills to grow.

Gaia has coached me for two years and will continue to do so, as I grow through my challenges. Gaia taught me that my challenges are fuel, for faith or fear. It is my decision which one I choose. She also guided me to learn what faith and fear were for me, how they showed up, and how I can harness them.This was key to moving from my limitations to all possibilities.

Ursula Zaoui,
Owner, Tarts by Ursula

I have opened 3 successful restaurants while becoming happier, more grateful

I have opened 3 successful restaurants while becoming happier, more grateful"

I dramatically changed my work life three years ago with big ambitions about matching the success I’d created for myself over the first 20 years of my career in my chosen profession in my new one. I got my business off to a great start, but knew that I might benefit from help to accelerate the time it would take to get where I really wanted to be.

I also knew that the scale of success I had in mind needed me to become a tremendous leader. I understood that I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of great people and because my new business was self funded, I needed to motivate their hearts and minds to help me achieve my goals.

So I reached out to Gaia with this brief: help me achieve these ambitious plans and become a brilliant leader. We started work 2 years ago. I was a little skeptical, mostly because I’d achieved great things before, working the way I had, so didn’t know quite how she could help. On the other hand, I was so committed to fast tracking what I wanted to do, I was excited about the possibility of it working, even in some small way.

Twelve months later my business does the same thing it did when I started it, but how we do it has completely transformed. How much enjoyment I get from what we do has also increased beyond recognition. My mind set, the way I manage myself, my people, my challenges, my personal life is incomparable to where it was before. My people are very happy too and because of this, we are achieving great things together. Inside these twelve months, as well as getting business number one where I need it to be, I have opened two more. This is all whilst becoming happier, more in control, more human and more grateful for what I do and what I am achieving.

UPDATE 1 YEAR ON: My team is perfectly run, it is a self-suficient engine that is supportive. Everyone celebrates each other, they are looking for self-improvements on their own. They actually don’t need me anymore, which means I have extra time to focus on my next projects.

Elizabeth Cottam,
Owner, Home Restaurant & The Owl Currently opening her 3rd

My Business has grown 41% in the last 6 months.

I opted to seek coaching to help me focus on my business. Running my own business I often felt isolated, so I was looking for some accountability and to help me re-calibrate. A year in, what I am achieving is so much more that expected, coaching has changed my perspective and attitude to life. Gaia helped uncover the core of what I want to achieve in my life as a person, and from doing that it has given me the perspective, with Gaia’s guidance, to build out my goals across different areas of my life, not just my business.

he result is not only has my business grown over 41% in the last 6 months, on track to almost double in size this year. I have seen my physical fitness, my relationships and mental well-being all grow and improve. It has helped me grow my understanding that everything in my life is inter-connected and I have complete control to build my life as I dream it and handle any challenges that cross my path.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Gaia as a coach and recommend to anyone that wants to focus on fulfilling their potential.

William Gale,
Founder, CEO British Home Sellers


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