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I help Entrepreneurs go from Existential to Exponential by Igniting their Total Intelligence™

Build a Legacy That Fulfils your Soul

Create your Titan Legacy - 35 Power Routines to Ignite your Total Intelligence and Build a Legacy that fulfils the soul

From Existential questioning

to Exponential success

in just 12 months


Meaningful Legacies

Are Created When


Inspires Action

You’ve pushed yourself to achieve great things driven by a vision to live your best life - a TITAN life, with a unique legacy to make you legendary.

To those who know you, you are an inspiration of success. But you know you’re meant for even more.

The money, opportunities, and rewards that once excited you have lost their meaning. Questions now lie where answers once stood. There’s a existential reckoning to find out ‘what’s next’, and to feel certain that this next stage will re-ignite the excitement and curiosity that will drive your exponential success.

The legacies that fulfil the soul are the ones created by TITAN leaders who have:
– The Clarity that they were born for more
– The Creativity to envision new possibilities
– The Curiosity to explore
– The Certainty that the time to activate a new vision is Now
– The Commitment to give back by empowering, influencing and being of service to others.
– The Courage to make their vision a reality

From Existential questioning

to Exponential success

in just 12 months




How an executive burnout led to a creative adventure that launched a life of purpose.

Hi. I’m Gaia. Mine is not your usual path to success. In fact, when I gave up my executive career to go back to school, everyone thought I was crazy. But I had always dreamed of becoming a Chef. Food is not just a way to experience my passion for life, it is a way to bring people together; to share ideas, perspectives, and collaborations… and a way for me to tangibly experience my creative expression. What those who looked up to me didn’t understand was that the status, remuneration and responsibility of a executive career was no longer enough to fulfil the joy and rewards I deserved. Quietly, to myself, I spent too much time asking the question: “Is this really it?”

It wasn’t! Over time, the courage to recreate what was possible for me opened doors I’d dreamed of all my life… and has led me to shift my career into a daily calling that allows me to use my executive experience, entrepreneurial background and creative perspective to help and support mission-driven entrepreneurs who are caught between staying on top of the success of their businesses and launching the dreams they can’t find time or opportunity to start.  When the existential questions start to take over, that’s when you know that your exponential success is just a few moments away.

We only get this one life. It’s time to make your success count for more. To do the greater good for your loved ones, your community and humanity.

From Profits To Passion To Purpose

From Existential Leader to Exponential


My clients go from the stress of living by the demands of others, to the joy of creating a better world for all

Resources for Titans

Strategies and tools that will shift you from Existential to Exponential, ignite your Total Intelligence, and build a legacy that fulfils your soul

Create your Titan Legacy - 35 Power Routines to Ignite your Total Intelligence and Build a Legacy that fulfils the soul

Activate Your Titan Legacy

If you know there’s something bigger in your plan and you’re not sure how to execute it…


Activate your Titan Legacy

The world is changing. Never before has your leadership been so crucial to humanity’s wellbeing. If you’re in a position of influence, you have a responsibility to explore the exponential possibilities of the legacy you’re here to create.

Our programs are unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. It’s high performance and mindset coaching that has been 100% tailored to your unique genomic recipe and ongoing epigenetic choice. Our programs are the only way to ignite your Total Intelligence so that you can truly achieve what you were born for.


Your Audience



Leadership isn’t a status - It’s a responsibility

No matter where they sit in the hierarchy of business, everyone can be a Titan Leader committed to their unique impact in the world because everyone has a unique role to play in the success of a vision and growth of your business. Help your audience understand how to recommit to their personal success as Titan Leaders by committing to yours.

Help your audience get clear on the Impact they were born to make

Inspire Your Audience To Genius

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